Android Q Beta 2 – Find Out What’s New?

The final version of Android Q is expected to release at Google I/O later this year. So, we decided to take a look at what’s new in the Android Q Beta 2 which was released just a couple of days back as it would give us a clear idea of what we can expect in the final build. Last month, Google released the first beta of Android Q which was a little buggy (since it was the first beta). With that, they also announced a roadmap for the beta updates. According to this roadmap, Google was right on its promise of delivering the second beta early April.

Android Q Beta Release Plan

Android Q Beta Release Plan

There are a lot of improvements here and there in the Android Q Beta 2 including an iPhone-like gesture system (which we welcome).

What are these improvements and new things? Let’s dive deeper –

What’s new in Android Q Beta 2

Bubbles: a new multitasking UI


The new bubble UI is almost like floating bubbles of Facebook Messenger but with better integration. The developers will be able to add this to their application and there will be a lot of actions which can be taken without even opening the app. Android has always been innovative about the freedom it gives to the developers. And this feature might bring some creativity to the table especially from developers. We will have to wait and see how developers take advantage of it.

New Gestures for navigation


The new gesture to go to the previous app is now inspired by Apple’s iPhone. Just swipe left and right on the navigation pill. It’s smooth, simple and elegant. It is also observed that the pill might be replaced with the same iPhone like thin bottom bar, giving users more area to see app content. The animations have changed too. All and all, we are happy with this change.

Extended volume control



With the current version of Android, the volume buttons can only control the media volume levels. Tapping settings button opens the sound settings where you can control various sound levels like media, calls, and alarm. This is going to change with Android Q as beta 2 has a separate popup window for controlling various volumes without opening the settings. This seems like a better implementation of volume control.

Option to select notification to dismiss swipe direction


One of the biggest downsides of beta 1 was to restrict the swipe directions for dismissing a notification. Now it can be changed according to one’s preference. It’s not a huge change but those who are used to dismissing notifications both ways should be relieved now.

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Seek-bar for music notifications


With Android Q beta 2 the music seek-bar is now integrated into the notification area. That’s a welcome change. These are the little details which make Android what it is today. The podcasts, music and other media apps will be able to integrate this as well.

Enhanced share menu


Google has finally revamped the share menu in Android Q. Beta 1 showed that users don’t have to wait after pressing the share button. The share sheet now opens instantly without any delay. This was not the case with previous versions of Android. It used to be slow while loading share actions. Those days are gone now. With Beta 2, share sheet also shows a little preview of the element being shared. Like, if it’s an image you will be able to see the preview of the image in the share sheet itself.

Tweaked settings


Settings app has been tweaked to collect and display the information in a better way. The account section has been revamped and can be accessed through a new button on the search menu. This not only looks neat but follows the new material UI/UX. The account activity shows device info, emergency info, payments, and Google account options.

Other minor changes in Android Q Beta 2

  • Fixed screenshots where rounded corners and notches were visible in the output image
  • The battery icon is now having an outline instead of shade.
  • “Scoped Storage” now limits the way apps can access files. It creates isolated sandboxes for every app for enhanced privacy.
  • Dismissing notifications now shows “done”, “deliver silently” and “block” buttons.
  • While charging the phone wirelessly it doesn’t show “slowly” or “rapidly” in the lock screen.
  • Music notifications are now slightly larger on the Ambient Display
  • “Battery time remaining” in the notification shade (introduced in beta 1), is back to being an actual battery percentage.
  • The Apps Permissions menu is now “Permission Manager”

Source: Google Blog, XDA

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