Android Messages App is getting a little treat of Google Assistant

Android’s default messaging app has become arguably the smartest messaging app in the world. Yes, you read it right, and I’d like to reiterate if you don’t believe it because of the host of new features Google keep adding. It has become so useful and easy to use that you would actually want to use it more than any other messaging apps on your phone. We’re saying so because today Google’s default Messages app for Android has received a little treat – Google Assistant Support.

If you know the history of Messages app and Google Assistant then you may already know that this addition was a long-awaited affair. However, if you don’t know about it then I’m here to tell you the back story. Google had for the first time confirmed the idea of integrating Google Assistant with Messages back in February. At that time the Big G had said at Mobile World Congress (MWC) that the integration will happen soon, but no deadline was provided.

Turning on the Google Assistant in Android Messages App

According to a report published by 9to5google, the feature is starting to make its debut in the Messaging app. For some early adopters the feature has already made its way to their devices, but for some reason, if it has not reached your device then wait for a while and you’re likely to receive it within a few days. However, Google has also said on its support page that not all devices are going to receive it, without providing any specific details about such devices.

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The Google Assistant feature, as you can see, gives contextual suggestions to your chats. You can use those suggestions within the Messages app to find out information related to something. A toggle to turn the feature on/off is also available in the Settings of Messages app, as you can see below –

Google Assistant on Android Messages App

Now, something for those of you who are privacy-minded and don’t like sharing their messages with Google in order to receive such suggestions. Google has clarified that the suggestions are created by machine learning directly on the devices of users and no messaging content is sent to Google’s own servers. So the feature is also completely private! Therefore, if you’ve already received it, give it a try and do let us know your thoughts.

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