Google App dark mode is coming soon

Google’s dark mode for Android 10 Q has been in the news for quite some time now. It came to the knowledge of everyone when Android Q beta was rolled out by Google, and the formal announcement came at I/O 2019. Now, an APK file of the Google app is also showing the dark mode in action, though in a quite unfinished and inconsistent manner.

Google App Dark

Dark mode in Google app details

The first thing to note about this APK file is that it’s Google app beta version 9.88. You can get it from APK Mirror, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll see the dark mode as we’re going to describe it here. Heck, we can’t even say if you’ll see it at all because it seems to be a functionality that Google enables from server-side. With that in mind, let’s examine how the dark mode is appearing in the latest beta of Google app nowadays.

One of the first things that users of Android 10 Q beta see after enabling system-wide dark mode is in the Pixel launcher itself. The search bar gets transparent with a black hue. This same black search bar appears on the left-most ‘Discover’ tab too, but with a darker shade. But weirdly the rest of the page remains white, which is quite surprising in itself because a proper dark mode for Discover feed has already been seen by us.

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Clicking the search box also throws up an unpolished dark mode before the user in which recent searches and app suggestions both appear with text written in black color on black background. The search suggestions start appearing white once the user starts typing, but the names of app suggestions remain black consistently.

It will be interesting to see how long Google takes to polish these things and roll out the functionality publicly.

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