Google Keep dark and incognito mode coming soon to Android

The trend of dark-mode is going on steadily in the ecosystem of Android apps, and one after another app is getting it. Google’s own apps are leading the trend, as a system-wide dark mode is a part of Android Q. So it’s not surprising to see that one after another app developed by Google is getting the night mode feature. We’ve already seen it in Google Search, and now Google Keep dark mode images are out.

google keep dark mode dev

Other details on Google Keep dark and incognito mode

Google Keep dark mode appeared for the first time back in March. At that stage, it was in its very early days. Today, however, the decompilation of latest Google Keep apk file (v. 5.19.191) by 9to5Google has revealed that Google has not only added all the necessary dark elements to this feature but also added the promo message that will appear while enabling it. The message states that dark mode is meant for dimly lit environments and it can help save battery life. Addition of this prompt suggests that the feature may now be enabled by Google anytime from server-side. Once enabled, users will find its toggle in Google Keep settings.

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However, dark mode is not the only new feature being added to Google Keep. As seen in the decompiled code, the app may also come with Incognito mode. Since I/O event the incognito mode has been extended to a number of Google apps, and therefore it should not be surprising if it’s added to Google Keep as well. If added, the feature will allow users to make use of Google Keep without the Cloud Sync functionality. The notes taken in this mode will only be stored locally.

If you want to get these features, the only thing that you need to do is to update your Google Keep application to the latest 5.19.191 version from Play Store. The rest will be handled by Google as these features will be enabled by them from server-side. Also keep in mind that it’s possible for Google to not enable any of these features, as last decision over everything obviously rests with them.

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