Google to stop business with Huawei, Play Store and Play Services to be pulled from devices

The trade war between the United States and China has had its first impact on the technology sector of both countries. After President Trump’s blacklisting of Huawei search giant Google has decided to cut off all business ties with the Chinese company. According to a recent report published by Reuters Google will be pulling its Play Store and Google Play Services from Huawei devices immediately. Specific details of the plan were not provided in the report, but if it happens then the life of Huawei smartphone owners is soon going to be terrible.

google services ban huawei

Why Google is going to stop business with Huawei

The Reuters story suggests this from the citation of some sources who are closely associated with the matter. If you keep an eye on global news, you may know already that a trade war is going on between the United States and China. As part of that trade war, US President Trump had recently blacklisted Chinese electronics maker Huawei. What his order essentially meant was that no US-based company was allowed to do any business with the Chinese electronics giant.

The departure of Play Store and Google Play Services from Huawei devices means that they’ll effectively be running an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) based version of the OS. While Google’s own apps like Gmail and Chrome will still be available on those devices, even they won’t function as they do on other devices in the absence of Google Play Services. Future devices, on the other hand, will also not have Gmail and other Google apps upon arrival.

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As you can imagine, the immediate impact on Huawei device owners may not be too drastic, but eventually, things may start getting problematic. New devices, on the other hand, will ship without any of the Google apps right out of the box. The suspension of business also means that Huawei won’t be able to launch its much-awaited smartwatch in the near future. While the company has said that it’s working on a new operating system that can replace Android on its devices, everybody knows how easy (pun intended) it is to replace Android!

If you own any of the Huawei’s devices, do let us know in the comments section how is your digital life after this development!

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