HTC U11, U11+ and U12+ set to receive Pie update soon

If you’re the owner of an HTC flagship smartphone, by now you might have started wondering when will your device be upgraded to the latest Pie version of Android. Fortunately, an answer has today been provided by HTC itself. The company on Twitter has provided a timeline regarding when its flagship devices will be updated to Pie. The first among them to receive this update will be HTC U11, which is set to be updated by the end of May, while the last will be HTC U11+ as it will be updated towards the end of June. HTC U12+, on the other hand, will be updated in mid-June.

Android 9 Pie for HTC U Series

It had been quite some time since the public rollout of Android Pie for HTC device owners. In the meantime Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung and many other smartphone makers updated their flagship devices to Pie. HTC, on the other hand, was silent regarding the updates. So now when it has announced its update schedule it will bring some relief to company’s customers who prefer being on the latest version of the software. And by the way… who doesn’t prefer it after paying the price of a flagship?

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So that is the update schedule of HTC flagships for Android 9 Pie. As always, carriers and regions may play some spoilsport to delay the updates for a short while in some regions. But rest assured, if you own any of these devices you’ll get the update.


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