Huawei issues first statement after Google suspends business tie ups

Earlier in the day, we had told you how Google has decided to stop doing business with Chinese electronics giant Huawei. Now Huawei has itself issued a statement suggesting that the move won’t bring a drastic change to the life of current Huawei and Honor smartphone users. They’ll not immediately lose access to Google Play Services, and they’ll also receive security updates. After-sales servicing is also the domain of the company and has said that it’s committed to providing the same.

Huawei’s statement after Google suspends business tie-ups

The statement mirrors that of Google, which had said that there won’t be an immediate blackout of Google services for Huawei and Honor device users. In addition to that, the company has also reiterated that it’s working on its own OS ecosystem to “provide the best experience for all users globally”.

huawei ban

Company’s subsidiary Honor is also scheduled to launch its new Honor 20 smartphone tomorrow in London, and according to information that we’ve received, the launch will go as planned. The company may also provide some more details regarding its plans in these troubling times at the launch event itself. For now, however, it looks that the devices owned by users and devices in stock both are at least partially shielded from the worst-case scenario that was being imagined – a complete disappearance of all Google apps and services!

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the worst case scenario won’t arrive ever on those devices. Major updates (i.e. the upcoming Android Q update) are almost certainly not going to arrive in these phones if the trade war doesn’t come to an end. Let’s see!

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