Huawei removed from Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association

Huawei’s business conditions seem to be worsening with every passing day. After Google’s Android ban, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has now been banned by various standard groups that are important for developing key features of the modern day smartphone. The company has been ejected from Wi-Fi alliance, SD Association, and JEDEC, as all these groups fall under US jurisdiction. The ejection from these groups may affect the ability of Huawei to add common features like Wi-Fi, SD card slots and even USB ports and RAM.

Will Huawei be able to survive?

Among all these features, the USB, RAM, and SD card slot are the most important and basic functions. These functions are developed by SD Association and JEDEC. While SD association sets out the standards for the development of SD card slots, JEDEC is responsible for developing standards related to USB ports and RAM. SD Association is based in California, and JEDEC is based in Virginia. The company has also been ejected from Wi-Fi Alliance, the group responsible for developing Wi-Fi standards.

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It is not clear if Huawei’s smartphone business will immediately be affected by being banished from these groups. However, if the company is indeed not able to add common features like Wi-Fi, SD card slots and RAM to its devices then it’s certainly not the condition any smartphone maker would want to be in. The company may also be ejected from Bluetooth Special Interest Group based in Washington in the coming days if ongoing tensions don’t ease soon. We will keep a close eye on the developments and update you all as and when possible.

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