Leaked screenshots of WhatsApp dark mode reveal what it may look like

We already know that Google is going to launch a system-wide Night Mode in Android Q. We also know that Google’s search app will also be receiving the night mode treatment. But now a widely popular 3rd party application is also looking prepared to roll out a dark mode in not too distant future. WhatsApp – an application which needs no introduction – has recently been discovered by the folks at WAbetainfo with its own dark mode. Unfortunately, it’s not a dark mode that any common user can get by toggling something on/off, or by installing an APK file.

Whatsapp dark

How to get Whatsapp dark mode

Yep. While the dark mode of Google app and the system-wide Night mode of Android Q can be accessed and enabled by the users, the dark mode of WhatsApp probably requires some flags or preferences to be tweaked in the APK file in order to be activated. Common users like you and me will have to wait at least until this feature gets added in an easily accessible manner to a beta APK of WhatsApp. For now, we can get our first glimpse of the feature, thanks to some screenshots published by WAbetainfo.

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Interestingly, Whatsapp dark mode doesn’t use pure Black color for the background. Instead, it settles to a very darkish shade of Gray (#111111), which might have been done to keep it OLED friendly and non-tiring to eyes. The contrast between pure black and pure white tends to be a bit more tiring than the contrast between gray and white.

It will be interesting to see when this dark mode arrives in WhatsApp. It should arrive soon because competitors like Telegram, Viber, Android Messages and even Facebook Messenger have already received their own dark modes. So the team behind WhatsApp can’t afford to wait for too long.


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