OnePlus 7 Pro set to be the first smartphone with UFS 3.0 storage

It looks like OnePlus 7 Pro set to be launched in the next few days is going to have many firsts affiliated with its name. We already know that this is for the first time when the company is launching a Pro version of its flagship, and we also know that it’s going to be the first OnePlus device with a pop-up selfie camera. Now, however, it’s also set to emerge as the first device globally with UFS 3.0 storage, which will make it much faster (and popular) than any smartphone launched till date. This has been confirmed by none other than company CEO Pete Lau, and we can’t be happier about it!

OnePlus 7 Pro

It was actually not planned to happen this way by the company. If things would have worked in Samsung’s favor, its $2,000 flagship Galaxy Fold would have been the first device in the market with UFS 3.0 storage. But the display problems appearing in its review units forced Samsung to delay the launch of its costliest smartphone. And as a result, now OnePlus may get the credit of launching the world’s first device with UFS 3.0 storage.

Impact of UFS 3.0 storage in Oneplus 7 Pro

Now, you may be wondering what this UFS 3.0 storage is and what difference does it make! And the answer is that it is the latest version of storage chips that come embedded in the printed circuit boards (PCBs) of your phones.

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UFS 3.0 storage architecture has been designed in such a manner that it’s twice faster than UFS 2.1, the version of embedded storage preceding it. Its 2,100 mb/s read speed is 20x more than the read speed of a memory card, and 4x faster than the speed of a SATA hard drive. The write speeds are also as fast as 410 mb/s – about 50% faster than the write speeds seen in previous UFS standards. As a result, every action that you perform on your OnePlus 7 Pro will get done much faster than you can expect.

OnePlus 7 Pro is to be launched on 14th of May, which is just 8 days away now. So keep checking our updates to learn more about it!

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