OnePlus 7 Pro users are hearing a high-pitched noise while making calls

It looks like some evil forces are doing some sort of black magic around the entire smartphone industry nowadays. Almost all flagship devices launched in recent days have been found to be having hardware issues, which looks weird and confusing at the same time. The latest device in that category is OnePlus 7 Pro, as some of its users are complaining of hearing a high-pitched noise from the earpiece while making phone calls.

The first flagship to be affected by hardware issues in the recent days was Samsung Galaxy Fold. Then, we heard something similar about Google Pixel 3a. And now, it’s OnePlus 7 Pro. The severity of the issue seems to be varying across devices. On OnePlus forum, some people have reported that they hear the noise consistently, while others have said that they hear it occasionally. And of course, many of them don’t hear it at all.

A Post from OnePlus Forum about OnePlus 7 Pro Issue

OnePlus 7 Pro High-Pitched Noise Issue

Source – OnePlus Forum

Some people are speculating that the noise seems to be coming from the carriers, as it’s being heard louder in AT&T HD calls. However, the same user who told this thing has also mentioned that he has never had the same problem with any other device when using with the same carrier. Another user has said that his OnePlus 3T also had the same difficulties but they were fixed through a software update.

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Let’s see how this issue is fixed in the coming days. While a majority of users are not experiencing it, even a few of them experiencing an issue with such basic functionality of their phones is not something that should be happening. OnePlus is definitely not that brand anymore which makes $450 smartphone and as a consumer nobody would like such a problem with their $700 smartphone.

Source | OnePlus Forum

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