Google announces major redesign for Android Auto coming later this summer

It looks like this year’s Google I/O is going to bring a refresh of everything that exists in the Android ecosystem. We’ve already heard of updates for Wear OS and Android, and now it’s turning out that Android Auto is also going to get a redesign too. The news regarding this redesign was announced a few hrs ago by Google itself, and based on what we’ve seen till now it looks like this is going to be a massive redesign.

Android Auto was announced by Google 4 years ago. Since then, however, it has not been touched until now. So it’s pleasant to see that the company is rolling out a fresh design for it. In its announcement, Google also provided a handy list of changes that will be coming to Android Auto after this redesign.

What’s coming to Android Auto

  • Get on the road faster: As soon as you start your car, Android Auto will continue playing your media and show your navigation app of choice. Simply tap on a suggested location or say “Hey Google” to navigate to a new place.
  • Stay on top of your apps: With the new navigation bar, you’ll be able to see your turn-by-turn directions and control your apps and phone on the same screen.
  • Do more with less taps: With the new navigation bar, you’ll be able to easily control your apps with one tap. Get turn-by-turn directions, rewind your podcast or take incoming call all on the same screen.
  • Easily manage communications: The new notification center shows recent calls, messages and alerts, so you can choose to view, listen and respond at a time that’s convenient and safe for you.
  • A color palette that’s easy on the eyes:We’re evolving Android Auto’s design to fit in better with your car’s interior. A dark theme, coupled with colorful accents and easier to read fonts, also helps improve visibility.
  • A screen fit for more cars: If you have a car with a wider screen, Android Auto now maximizes your display to show you more information, like next-turn directions, playback controls and ongoing calls.

Many of these features are being demanded by Android Auto users for several years. For example, the ability to show more information on cars with wider dashboards, and notification center are two such features. So hopefully people will like this update. No specific roll-out date has been announced yet, but you may receive it soon as the company is planning a “summer” roll-out.

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