Samsung announces 100-watt fast chargers

This may seem like a nightmare for your electricity bill (at least at a glance), but for your smartphone, this is going to be a great invention. Samsung, the company responsible for many smartphone innovations, has announced two new charging adapters for smartphones. The adapters, namely SE8A and MM101, are capable of delivering up to 100 watts of power. Announcement of these adapters hints at possible support for 100-watt fast charging on its smartphones. Not to mention, that would improve the charging time significantly.

Fast charging has long been a feature of choice for smartphone makers to give yet another reason for purchasing their devices. And in the recent days charging speeds have got a lot faster than they used to be. OnePlus is one manufacturer exceeding the limits in this area, as its latest OnePlus 7 Pro came with 27-watt fast charging support. With these new 100-watt chargers, Samsung is bringing some serious competition to this particular feature as well.

Samsung – 100-watt Fast Charging

Samsung 100-watt Fast Charging - PDSE and PD

Both chargers are equipped with Secure Elements to add an additional layer of security, and both come with eFlash so that their software can be altered to meet the modern charging specifications. Both are also compliant with USB-PD 3.0 standards, which means that they’ll be able to charge everything from your smartphone to tablet and laptop. Now, the only thing left to be seen is a smartphone from Samsung that can handle so much firepower. Let’s see how long it takes to arrive.

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Source| Samsung

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