Samsung asking customers whether they want to keep their Galaxy Fold pre-orders or not

Ever since Samsung delayed the launch of its Galaxy Fold smartphone we’re waiting for an update from the company. And more eagerly than us are waiting for those deep-pocketed fans of Samsung who had pre-ordered the device. Today it turns out that Samsung has provided an update regarding the same, but the news that came in that update is not so pleasant. The company has basically said that it can’t provide any specific shipping date for the Galaxy Fold as of now so those who want to cancel their pre-orders can do so.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Details on Galaxy Fold release and pre-orders

That’s right. In an emailed letter sent to the customers who had pre-ordered Galaxy Fold company said that while it has made progress in enhancing the Fold, it’s not quite sure about any specific shipping dates because of the high standards its users expect from it. The company said that it will provide more specific updates in the coming days. The customers have been provided two options for now:

  • Either they can keep their orders till 31stof May,
  • Or they can cancel the orders if they want to.
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A link has been provided in the email that people can click to let Samsung know that they want to keep their pre-orders. If no response is provided till 31st of May, the orders will stand canceled automatically. The customers can also cancel their orders at any point of time before the device is shipped even if they decide to click the link of keeping their orders right now. The company has also said that customers won’t be charged until their device is shipped.

So that’s what is going on right now with Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now whether you want to keep your order or not is up to you. We don’t know if it will be shipped anytime soon, so take your decision while keeping this into account.

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