Samsung Galaxy Fold: New shipping date to be announced soon

It wasn’t expected to be figured out so quickly, but it looks like Samsung has found how to fix the issues that forced it to delay the launch of its Galaxy Fold flagship. According to a statement recently given by Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh to Korea Herald the company has already reviewed “the defect caused from substances (that entered the device)”, and they’ll take a decision on the new shipping date soon. “We won’t be too late”, he is reported to have told Korea Herald.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Issue

What happened with Samsung Galaxy Fold

If you’ve been following our coverage related to Samsung Galaxy Fold, you may know already that the review units of the device were having some disastrous display issues. After the news of those issues broke out in public, Samsung had decided to delay the fulfillment of pre-orders. Yesterday the company also asked the people who had placed pre-orders whether they want to keep their orders or not. At that time it seemed like fixing the issue was going to take some time, as no specific launch date had been provided. In addition to that, people had also been told that if no response is received from them by 30th of May then their orders will stand canceled automatically.

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Now, the boss of Samsung Electronics hasn’t confirmed if the new shipping date will fall before this deadline of May 30. But the statement “we won’t be too late” is perhaps enough to speak about that. More importantly, he could also detail the changes which have been done to fix the issues. The issues, according to him, are foreign objects entering the device, and peeling off the protective layer accidentally after misidentifying it as a screen protector. To fix these issues the company has strengthened exposed areas of the hinge and minimized the gaps between the protective layer and bezels.

Now let’s see how long it takes for the company to announce a new shipping date!


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