Samsung working on under display camera for full-screen smartphone design

When it comes to modern smartphones, we’re in the era of all-screen designs. The cool quotient of today’s smartphones is determined based on their screen-to-body ratio. A number of techniques have already been applied by the smartphone makers to increase this ratio, and just as it happens… now we’re running out of ideas! We’re approaching a stage at which the maximum options have been tried and tested. We’ve seen notches of different shapes and sizes, we’ve seen pop-up selfie cameras, and we’ve seen the double-slider design of Zenfone 6.

While double-slider and pop-up camera mechanisms help in achieving an all-screen design, their physical durability is a question of debate. So, wouldn’t it be nice if a camera can also be hidden behind the screen… just like a fingerprint sensor? And it turns out that Samsung is working to answer this question of how to make under display camera design for smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy under display camera

Reports on under display camera being researched by Samsung

That’s right. According to the latest report published by a Korean media outlet, Samsung is working on the technology that can hide a camera sensor under the display. This under display camera thing had also been confirmed some time ago by Samsung’s head of display R&D unit Yang Byung-duk, and now we’re hearing the same from Korean media too, which suggests that the work is indeed in full swing. Whether it leads to any fruitful outcomes or not is another topic. The article published by the Korean outlet says:

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“The technology can be developed to the extent that the camera hole is invisible and does not affect the functionality of the camera or the display”.

Hiding the selfie camera is the last thing needed to achieve an all-screen design. Though the companies have found solutions to hide or relocate the other vital pieces of hardware (i.e. proximity sensor, earpiece, luminance sensor, etc.) for achieving all-screen designs, the front-facing selfie cameras are still an unsolved puzzle. And until that puzzle is solved, achieving an all-screen design is almost impossible. So it’s fortunate to hear that Samsung is doing R&D on it.

The under display camera does sound interesting, unfortunately, the report didn’t provide any particulars about the type of ideas being considered to achieve the desired outcomes. Perhaps the solution may revolve around somehow making the display area above the camera sensor transparent when the Camera app is in use. But we don’t know how will this be achieved, and will let you know if we come to know anything more about it!


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