Android Messages is about to get 3 more interesting features

While Google is still working on making the RCS support widely available, the company is still short of that target by a good margin. They have been continuously adding new features to make its Android Messages app better and better, and in the coming days, we’re likely to get 3 new features that will make messaging fun. The features were discovered by AndroidPolice in a recent APK teardown.

Android Messages – New Features

Assistant Shortcuts

Assistant Shortcuts in Android Messages

Google started deep integration of Assistant with Android Messages a few months back, but that remained limited to giving some contextual suggestions. It did make the intentions clear as the company starts rolling our Assistant Shortcuts inside the app. When you tap the attachment icon in the Messages App, you’re now shown a variety of new attachment types by Google Assistant.

  • The first row shows you the options to attach the link of a Restaurant, Movie or Weather in your message.
  • In the second row, you’re shown the buttons to Send or Request a payment via Google Pay.
  • In the third row, you’re shown a button to record your voice message.

Alongside these 3 rows, there also seem to be separate rows for attaching files from your Gallery. These new attachment rows powered by Google Assistant seem to be in a very early rollout phase right now, but they’re likely to be rolled out more widely in near future.

Federated Learning

Another major announcement of Google’s AI efforts this year was Federated Learning. The function is based on machine learning, and it was added to Gboard a few months back. Federated Learning aims to make Gboard smarter in suggesting relevant words without collecting the data of users. Now, you may be wondering how is it possible to suggest relevant words without collecting user data, right? The answer is, by building various data models on smartphones themselves as users type with Gboard. The data model once built is sent to Google’s servers, while the data of users reside on their devices.

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This feature was till now added to Gboard only. However, an APK teardown by Android Police has revealed that Google is adding it to Android Messages too. And why not – it makes sense to integrate the feature with both Android Messages as well as Gboard. That will certainly make the text-messaging app much smarter.

Reminder Notifications

Forgotten messages are a real menace of the modern digital world. Many times when we get a message, we don’t check it if we’re busy. And then, if we forget to check it later, more messages pile up in the meantime, and that unchecked message gets buried down this pile. A few days later that message reappears before us, and we realize that someone has been waiting for our response for a long time. Such situations not only create embarrassment but also lead to a lot of issues if it was something related to your profession.

Realizing this problem, Google is going to add the ability to set a reminder for unread messages. The teardown of Android Police further revealed that the function will push a reminder notification for responding to unread messages an hour later. The button to set that reminder may be added next to the ‘Mark as read’ and ‘Reply’ buttons found in message notifications.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Source | AndroidPolice

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