Ark OS: Huawei trademarks the possible name of its Android replacement

Ever since Huawei was cut off from doing business with American companies its fortunes have dwindled very quickly. The second largest manufacturer of smartphones has suddenly come to a point at which its entire business is under threat after Google decided to ban it from using Android. Huawei was quick to retaliate with the claim that it has got a backup OS in place, which will be rolled out soon. We’re now getting to know the possible name of that OS, thanks to a new trademark obtained by the company from European Union Intellectual Property Office. And that trademark, my friends, is ‘Ark OS’.

No Firm Evidence – Ark OS

Ark OS - Huawei Trademark in EU

At this point, there’s no direct evidence that the new OS will be called Ark OS, but considering the current scenario, it’s no big deal to link it with the company’s Android replacement. The name also aligns properly with the situation that the company is facing – it really needs an ark in order to survive after it got dropped by Google and other US-based companies!

However, until some sort of new information originates from the company itself, we would suggest you take this trademark with a grain of salt. It’s also possible that the company might have trademarked this name for a Linux-based substitute of Windows. After all, the company also has a sizable laptop business in China, and when it has been banned from using Android there’s no reason to assume that it can’t be banned from using Windows too. The company may certainly be preparing for that casualty as well, so we can’t say where this newly trademarked name is going to be used. Let’s wait for some more information and clarity.

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