Asus is rolling out an update for Zenfone 6

Since last few months, Asus had been at the forefront of delivering updates and improving quality. Not only they’ve been pushing out updates for their older devices but they’ve also launched some pretty cool smartphones, including the latest Zenfone 6. Most of their older devices launched about two years ago have also been updated to Android Pie. This certainly sets an example for other smartphone manufacturers. The company has recently started rolling out updates for the Zeonfone 6.

The Asus Zenfone 6 is the latest flagship of the company launched a few days ago. It’s also remarkably different from all other smartphones launched by them earlier, as it comes at a very fair price, and instead of being based on company’s proprietary Zen UI it runs a slick, stock-like Android ROM. It also comes with the promise of timely updates, and Asus seems to be living up to that promise in a very positive manner.

Asus Zenfone 6 Update Changelog

Zenfone 6 Updates

The company has already rolled out not one but four updates for Zenfone 6. According to some tech experts who have got the early review units of this device, many of these updates are related to the new rotating camera module present in the device. They have improved rotation stability, added a new option to control the rotation of module and brought night mode for selfies. The additional hardware button of the phone can also be used to trigger the camera shutter after installing these updates. The image processing speed and HDR performance have also been improved because of these updates.

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But the camera is not the only area that is improved by these 4 updates. Auto brightness control, system stability, VoLTE support and VoWiFi support are also the areas which get better with these updates. Clearly, Asus is learning from the success of OnePlus and Pixel devices, and therefore it’s trying to implement the same principles in its own business with much higher standards. It’s nice to see that Asus is improving things even before shipping the devices.


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