Benchmark tests reveal Huawei Nova 5 is quite faster than most Snapdragon 730 smartphones

The launch schedule of Huawei clearly seems unperturbed from Android ban and other similar events related to the US-China trade war. Recently, they had launched Honor 20 series, and now they’ve launched a new Nova 5 family of smartphones. This new lineup is interesting because it comes with a new chipset, which is Kirin 810. This chipset is the latest invention of the company’s processor-making arm, and therefore everyone was a bit more enthusiastic in testing the muscle of Nova 5 smartphones.

Huawei Nova 5 Antutu

What Antutu says about Huawei Nova 5

Due to that high interest, it didn’t take too long for Nova 5 to appear on AnTuTu benchmarks. And what we’re learning from the benchmark results is truly amazing.

The comparisons reveal that not only this chipset is ahead of its predecessor Kirin 710 by a huge margin, but also a clear winner over American chipmaker Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 730. Nova 5 scored 237,000 points in the benchmark tests, which is 13% more than the average results of Snapdragon 730 and 70% more than the average of Kirin 710. The GPU of Kirin 810 seems highly powerful, as it has got 25% higher scores than the GPU of Snapdragon 730. And when compared against the GPU of Kirin 710, there’s no match as performance is 3x better.

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Finally, if you don’t know the specs of Huawei Nova 5 family… here they’re:

  • Nova 5: Kirin 810 octa-core chipset, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, 6.4-inches large display with FHD+ resolution, quad-lens camera (48mp + 16mp + 2mp +2mp), 32mp front-facing camera and 3,500 mAh battery with 40-watt fast charging support.
  • Nova 5 Pro: Almost same as Nova 5, the only differences being Kirin 980 chipset, a second storage option (256GB) and 4,000 mAh battery.
  • Nova 5i: Kirin 710 chipset, 6GB and 8GB RAM options, quad-lens camera (24mp + 8mp + 2mp + 2mp), 24mp selfie camera and 4,000 mAh battery with 18-watt fast charging support.

These are impressive smartphones, as you can see from the specs sheet. But after benchmark tests, it’s clear that the single feature which is going to help them stand out is Kirin 810 chipset. Now it will be interesting to see how Qualcomm responds to this challenge!


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