Google brings auto-delete feature for user activity data to Activity Controls

Privacy is one thing that has become quite a serious headache for Google in recent years. Company collects a sheer amount of data to offer various customized products and services. Thus, making it the favorite target for antitrust investigations. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the company has also made some efforts to address those privacy concerns. It started allowing users to delete their activity data. But now the company is taking a step further by allowing you to delete your data automatically. The feature has been rolled out today, and here we’re going to discuss how does it work.

Google Location activity dataEnable auto-delete feature for user activity data

Despite Google offering users the ability to delete their data, few of them actually remember to do it. So now the company has decided to let users automate this thing. The Google Account Activity Controls now offer you the option to delete your app activity automatically. Just follow the steps given below to change this setting:

  • Open Google app and tap your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Tap ‘Manage your Google Account’ button.
  • Navigate to ‘Data & personalization’ tab in the top menu.
  • Scroll down to ‘Activity Controls’ section and tap ‘Manage your activity controls’.
  • From there you can tap the ‘Manage activity’ button of every app to set automatic deletion. Just tap it and on next page, you’ll see ‘Choose to delete automatically’ button. When you tap that button, you’ll be shown 3 options –
    1. the option of keeping data until you delete it manually.
    2. The option of deleting it automatically after 18 months.
    3. The option to delete automatically after 3 months.
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Just set your desired option and save it. Then go back and change the setting for any other app, or sit back and relax if you’ve done it for all Google apps.

Google already knows a ton about us to personalize product and service offerings. It doesn’t need to know our whole life. So I would suggest that you take advantage of this feature to delete your activity data automatically after some time. Give it a shot!


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