Google Photos also receives its own dark mode, but you need Android Oreo or Pie to try it

It looks like Google’s much-hyped dark mode is making its way to Google Photos as well. The feature is starting to appear in devices of many users around the globe, and those who use Android Pie or Oreo-based devices are seeing it after enabling their own system-wide dark themes. The feature is also getting activated in some devices if any Google app is being used in dark mode, which suggests that somehow all the apps getting this feature are interconnected.

Google photos dark mode

How to enable Google Photos dark mode

If you use a Pie-based smartphone, you can check whether this feature has been enabled in your Google Photos or not by going to Settings >> Display >> Advanced >> Device theme. Once you enable the limited dark mode from there, your Google Photos app may also get a darker hue. I’m using the word ‘may’ because the change is server side, and therefore it takes some time to be enabled.

Being on the latest version of Google Photos can help speed up the process, but that’s not guaranteed. Applying a dim wallpaper can also enable the Google Photos dark mode for you, and if your device is running Oreo then this is also your only option to get the feature as Oreo doesn’t support the manual selection of color schemes.

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If the feature still doesn’t work for you due to some reason, the next thing you can try is enabling dark mode in some other Google apps (i.e. Android Messages). As I said above, the apps are somehow interlinked in this aspect, so this change may also trigger the Google Photos dark mode for you.

It would’ve been pretty awesome if Google Photos would have got this feature with its own dedicated toggle to turn it ‘On’ or ‘Off’. But unfortunately, that’s not the case for now. The only thing that we can do right now is trying and testing the methods that I outlined above. Give them a try!

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