Google Pixel 4 teased officially by the company on its Twitter handle

This is probably being done by Google for the first time – the company has just officially teased its upcoming flagship smartphone Google Pixel 4. We’ve always lived in an era of unofficial leaks, but it rarely happens when a major company reveals the details of its smartphone by itself. Google has done it now by tweeting an image of Pixel 4, and we’re not among the happiest fans of this company with what we see.

Leaked pictures and what we know about Google Pixel 4

As you can see in the image, there’s a square-shaped camera module on the back of the device with 2 lenses, one flash unit and a tiny pinhole whose purpose we don’t know yet. Though the overall design is cleaner this time with no dual-toned backs, the shape of this camera module looks a bit awkward. It also remains to be seen how resistant to the scratches will this large block of glass be. But of course, if this camera has got some serious power in comparison to others, I’ll be more than happy to open my wallet for it!

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Google Pixel 4 leaked render

Now, as far as features of this device are concerned, we already know that it may come with iPhone-inspired TrueTone display and a radar sensor for gesture control. And now we also know that it’s finally coming with the dual-lens primary camera, which was kind of essential after the dismal performance of Pixel 3 in the market.

It will be interesting to see what other features the company has loaded into Google Pixel 4, and also whether we need to wait till October for finding out those features or not. It’s quite possible that Google may bring its launch plans a little ahead of schedule this time to steal the thunder before the launch of the iPhone. The price of this device will also be an affair to watch, as this time Google is providing a real (read: big) hardware upgrade in the camera department too!

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