Google Play now has refund decision waiting period of 4 days

One of the key features of Google Play is its ability to refund your money in case of something going wrong with any particular app. If an app didn’t work as intended, the user who purchased it could get a refund easily within 15 minutes. That is, however, changing from today as now Google has significantly increased the estimated waiting period of refund decisions to 4 days. Nope, you didn’t read it wrong – it’s 4 days now! Have a look at how the wording of refund estimate section on Google Play’s support page has changed silently:

Earlier“You’ll usually get a decision within 15 minutes.”

Now – “It can take up to four business days to get a decision.”


Mathematically, that’s an increase of 380x or more, depending on whether there are any weekends falling in the midst of this decision period. The exact reason for this change is not known yet, but perhaps Google might have done it due to a large number of refund requests being declined automatically without any human intervention.

The earlier method of refund processing was completely automated – you could either get a refund, or you could not get it… within 15 minutes depending on the judgment of a computer. But now Google has changed it, and probably added some sort of human element to the process. While this may lead to more refund requests being accepted, an immediate side effect of this approach is increased estimated time of refund decisions.

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It’s also worth keeping in mind though that this is only an estimated time – not the actual time it will take to get your refund request accepted and processed by Google Play. Your request may also be processed much earlier than this period, and this is the maximum time it can take for Google Play to arrive at a decision. You’ll only know it after running into the need of requesting refunds a couple of times.

Source: Official Google Support Page

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