Google reinstates Huawei’s name on Android Q beta website

Huawei might have received a temporary relief of 90 days from the US Department of Commerce, but that doesn’t mean its hurdles have gone away. Its relation with many US business entities has gone down the hill in the last few days. For example, most of the chip manufacturers who decided to cut their ties with the company have not reversed their decision even though they can use the 90-day relief.

Fortunately, Google seems to have taken a small step in that direction. The company has reinstated Huawei’s name to its Android Q beta website, which was removed after Google had announced Android ban. Though the step may not have a bigger impact, any positive development under current circumstances, no matter how small it is, should certainly be noticed.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro on Android Q Beta website

Huawei Mate 20 Pro on Android Q Beta Website

Google had removed Huawei’s name from all its websites when it banned the Chinese smartphone maker from using Android. That included the websites of Android Q beta, Android Enterprise, and Android. The names of device manufacturers are mentioned on these sites under Google’s partners. At the time of writing this article, Huawei’s name has only been reinstated to the Android Q beta website. It’s not known whether it’ll be reinstated to other sites too.

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Huawei, in the meantime, has been preparing its own operating system, which would probably be known as Ark OS. The name has recently been trademarked by the company in the European Union, and there’s a possibility that it may be used by them for its Android replacement. The company is also trying to retain its relationship with other US-based entities during the 90-day grace period so it doesn’t face the hurdle in importing key components for its business.

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