Huawei delays the launch of its Mate X foldable smartphone till September

Once bitten, twice shy. This proverb seems to be going accurately in the case of Chinese smartphone maker Huawei. After receiving major setbacks due to severed ties with US-based companies and standard groups, the company now wants to ensure that it doesn’t attract more bad press. And in order to ensure it they’ve gone as far as delaying the launch of their next ambitious flagship, namely Huawei Mate X. This is the same device which was widely expected to hit the market this week as world’s first foldable smartphone after Samsung delayed the launch of its Galaxy Fold, but now Huawei has decided to put a hold on the launch till September.

Why is Mate X being delayed?

huawei mate x

This information came recently from a Wall Street Journal article. In that article company’s Senior Vice President Vincent Peng told WSJ that the company doesn’t want to launch a product to destroy their reputation. Therefore, they want to conduct more extensive tests before launching the device publicly.

This clearly reveals how the company is not very confident about the device it has prepared. And why not – if a company of Samsung’s stature could get it wrong, there’s no reason to believe that Huawei can get it right at first attempt. And since the bad press is nowhere in the list of things that the company wants right now, they thought that instead of launching the device it will be better to wait for some more time.

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But testing is certainly not the only reason behind this delayed launch. Huawei Mate X is Huawei’s most ambitious project in years, and therefore it’s not surprising that the company wants to launch it with Android. A spokesperson confirmed the same but also indicated that the company also has its own OS ready if forced to launch the device without Android.

Now it will be interesting to see when Huawei Mate X is launched by the company, and with which operating system.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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