Motorola One Pro leaked renders reveal massive camera hump and 48mp primary camera

If we carefully observe the designs of smartphones across the entire spectrum, it’s not difficult to see that Motorola’s take on camera humps has remained quite distinctive in the industry. Their circular camera hump for single-lens and dual-lens camera units has become such an iconic thing associated with their brand that one can easily recognize a Motorola smartphone from a distance. Now, as we move ahead in the race of adding more and more camera lenses, the company has designed one more indigenous camera hump that will help it retain its iconic identity in the future.

Leaked renders of Motorola One Pro are showing how the take of this company on aligning 4 sensors together may also be different from that of any other company. Have a look:

Motorola One Pro Leaked

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These renders are courtesy of CashKaro. As you can see, there are some major design changes here. First of all, the company’s brand name which used to appear on the front side is nowhere to be seen now. This has probably been done to maximize the screen size. The second major change is the placement of the company’s infamous Bat logo – instead of locating it on the rear shell, the company has this time embossed it in the camera hump itself. And it’s a quite unique arrangement not just in company’s own lineup but also in the entire smartphone market.

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Now let’s talk about some specifications. The screen size appears to be about 6.2-inches from these renders, with a tiny waterdrop notch on the top. A 3.5 mm headphone jack along with Type-C USB port is also visible on the bottom, and by zooming in we can also see 48mp branding near the flash module, which means that the device is likely to arrive with a 48mp main shooter, supported by 3 other shooters for various purposes.

The community is divided about the design choices made here, but if you ask from me then I’m on the positive side of that divide. If these renders indeed come to life as a real device, the company will once again prove that it knows how to design a device that can be easily recognized from a distance.

Source: CashKaro

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