Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro to come with not 45 but 25-watt fast charging support

It looks like Samsung is not going to overtake OnePlus in the race of fast charging anytime soon. A trustworthy source has today revealed that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will come with only 25-watt fast charging support and not 45-watts as reported earlier by some publications. This was revealed by reliable XDA writer Max Weinbach, and that’s why we’re heartbroken.

Samsung galaxy note 10 pro

It was not too long ago when Samsung had launched its 100-watt fast chargers, giving us hopes that someday in the near future we may have smartphones charging completely within minutes. Then came the rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro coming with not 100, but still 45-watt fast charging. Though it was nowhere as superior of news as it would have been with the power of 100-watts, it still seemed good enough. But unfortunately, the reality doesn’t seem to be falling in line with the hopes now. Given the track record Max Weinbach now it seems highly probable that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will come with 25-watt fast charging. By comparison, OnePlus 7 Pro has already been launched with 27-watt fast charging support.

As you can see, Max further said in his tweet that 45-watt fast charging tech is likely to be used in Galaxy A90. This thing also seems believable because Samsung usually keeps at least a few high-tech features reserved for its mid-range smartphones.

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So finally the Galaxy Note fans need to find some relief in the fact that 25-watts is still more than the 15-watt fast charging found in Galaxy Note 9 series. At least until we hear another contradictory report on this matter from an equally reliable source, we should wrap our heads around this number!


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