T-Mobile 5G is now available at ‘select outdoor locations’ in 6 cities

When T-Mobile announced that it’ll be launching Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G on 28th June, it made little sense because the company doesn’t have a 5G network at the moment. However, things have changed since then as the company has launched the 5G network in select few locations. The 6 markets are New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Cleveland. If you think that it’s too little to make any difference, T-Mobile has announced that it expects broader availability by the end of this year itself.

T-Mobile 5G Coverage Map

T-mobile 5G

Now, before you get too excited, there’s something you must know about T-Mobile 5G. The network is going to be 5G mW, which is the standard also being operated by Verizon and AT&T. The highlight of this standard is its mobile hotspot like nature – you get strong improvement in download speeds when you’re close to a tower and directly in its line, but the moment you step behind some walls your speeds drop dramatically. It is certainly admirable that T-Mobile has not tried to hide this fact.

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The company has released a detailed map showing how much coverage you can expect at any particular location. The map also states that T-Mobile 5G is now available in “select outdoor locations”, which clearly implies that the network may not work behind the closed doors.

It certainly doesn’t mean that you won’t have any coverage when indoors. The company has coupled its network with 4G LTE, which means that whenever there’s poor connectivity of 5G you’ll automatically fall back to 4G. And since the company has invested a lot of time and resources in building its LTE network, it’s robust enough to keep you going.

With this in mind, you can try T-Mobile 5G right now on your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant. Especially if you’re in New York because the coverage map of NY looks much better than other cities.

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