Amazon and Google finally bring their missing apps on respective smart TV platforms

If you own an Android Smart TV or a Fire TV, your entertainment life is going to get a lot better from today. That is because finally after a very long wait the YouTube app is available on Fire TV, and Amazon Prime Video is available on Android TV. The collection of content that you can watch on your TV through these devices just got a lot wider.

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Why were these apps missing on respective smart TV platforms

Both Google and Amazon were fighting a long and expensive battle since last few years. As a result, they had banned the apps and services of each other in their ecosystem of devices. Amazon Fire TV users couldn’t get a YouTube app, while users of Chromecast or Android TV couldn’t get the joy of Amazon Prime. This continued for years, and users who purchased smart devices had to make a choice not only between devices but also between the services of both companies. Fortunately, that won’t be the case anymore, thanks to a truce called by these companies two months ago in April.

Under the new arrangement, Amazon has made YouTube app available on Fire TV devices. The app can be found in “Your Apps and Channels” section, from where you can download it and start using it immediately after signing in with your Google account. The best thing is that the app supports 4K HD videos and is fully compatible with Alexa.

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Amazon has also made the Prime Video app compatible with Chromecast. The updated Prime Video app is available in Play Store, and once you update it you can easily start streaming Prime content from your smartphone to your TV. Amazon may also add YouTube TV and YouTube Kids apps to its Fire TV platform by the end of this year.

Google on its part has made Amazon Prime Video available across its entire ecosystem of Android TV devices. From smart set-top boxes to streaming sticks to full-fledged smart TVs, Amazon Prime Video is now available on every Android TV.

In short, your smart TV – no matter which ecosystem it belongs to – is about to get a lot smarter from today. YouTube is already an endless stream of video content, and Amazon Prime Video has also got some awesome shows and movies. No matter whose device you use, you’ll get the best of both worlds now. And if you don’t have any of these devices, the right time to buy them is now!


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