Android Pie update for HTC U lineup resumes in Taiwan

We’ve some seriously good news for the owners of HTC U series devices. Your HTC U11, U11+, and U12+ are likely to receive their Android Pie updates very soon, as the roll-out of this update has already resumed in Taiwan. The update seemingly bricked some of the devices in the last rollout. However, HTC has fixed the issue and started seeding the update again. The owners of HTC U12+ in Taiwan are receiving this much-awaited updated after a long time, and we’re happy for the fact that the roll-out hasn’t delayed too much from its scheduled deadline.

HTC U12+

Details of HTC U series Pie Update

The roll-out of this 1GB update begun a few hours back. Since then HTC has published an official forum post to confirm it, and the changelog provided by them along with the announcement is very short. Have a look at it:

Software Update: 2.45.709.1 (1.06 GB) This system update will contain several important improvements:

  • Android 9.0 Pie
  • Enhanced overall system functionality
  • Remove this program from Blinkfeed in response to Google turning off Google+

At least one bug has also been reported in this update as of now. Once you update, you’re not allowed to alter your Internet APN settings anymore (though MMS APN can be changed). Besides this bug, however, no other issues have been reported yet. We don’t know if it’s a full roll-out or only testing on some limited number of devices, but it’s encouraging to see that after promising a late June roll-out the company has at least been able to push this update to at least one market in the early week of July. If some issues arise, they can be fixed in time and global roll-out outside the company’s home market may also begin soon.

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Now it shall be interesting to see how long HTC takes before initiating this much-awaited global roll-out.


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