Huawei is awaiting official confirmation to start using Android again

The hard work of Huawei and its lobbyists has finally paid off. At G20 Summit in Japan, US President Donald Trump announced that US-based companies will be allowed to continue their partnerships with Huawei. With that announcement came the hopes that the company could also be allowed to use Android OS and Play Services. Now, as it turns out, the company is waiting for the official confirmation from the US commerce department to start using Android and its other integrated services.

Ever since Huawei was targeted with Google’s Android ban, its fortunes have turned upside down in an unprecedented manner. The company that briefly overtook Apple in 2018 to become the second largest smartphone maker in the world found itself in a difficult spot when the US Department of Commerce barred American companies from dealing with Huawei. Google complied with the directive immediately, announcing a ban on Android updates and Google Play Services for the company’s devices. Though a 90-days window was provided by the government as a sort of grace period, other US-based companies involved in the manufacturing of critical smartphone components also announced during this period that they’re parting ways with the Chinese smartphone maker.

Huawei’s Android Comeback – Behind the Scenes

Huawei OS

Behind the scenes, however, both Huawei and its partners were working to get this ban lifted as soon as possible. Not only Huawei needs US-based companies – but American companies also need Huawei to earn a substantial amount of money from the business. It’s a two-way relationship like any other trade, and therefore lobbyists of both Huawei and its partners may have worked with the government to achieve this outcome which was announced by President Trump at G20 Summit.

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So, while it looks like good times are about to return for Huawei – We can still not be completely sure about the ban being lifted. That is because the final call is to be taken by the US Department of Commerce, and they can still deny everyone and thereby Google from lifting its Android ban. Issues of national security may still be cited as a reason to deny the availability of Android.

And finally, even if the ban is completely lifted, the company will probably keep working on its Ark OS now in order to prepare for any similar scenario unfolding in future.

Source: Reuters

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