LG G8S ThinQ released globally, but pricing details still awaited

When LG launched its G8S ThinQ smartphone at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, there were quite a few surprises associated with its launch. The chief among them was its unavailability at the event – the company announced it, but didn’t bother to let the attendees of MWC try it at LG’s booth. It was missing, and we were only left waiting. Then after a long wait of 4 months, the device was finally made available in the stores of Taiwan on June 28. And now today it has been made available globally, putting an end to the long wait of many LG fans.

LG G8s Thinkq

Where LG G8S ThinQ stands in LG’s smartphone lineup

LG G8S ThinQ is actually an affordable version of the G8 ThinQ smartphone. It comes with a 6.21-inches large display, 12mp + 13mp (ultrawide) + 12mp (telephoto) triple lens camera, Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage. It has also got 18-watt fast charging (QuickCharge 3.0), an 8mp selfie camera, and Hand ID feature which allows you to unlock the device by showing your palm. You can also perform a variety of other functions on it with various hand-based gestures like turning the volume up/down, taking screenshots and receiving calls. That’s what makes it an amazing flagship.

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Finally, despite the availability being announced in global markets, LG has still not revealed the exact pricing of this device. Perhaps the pricing is market-specific, which means that we may come to know about it in the coming days.


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