Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to make a comeback

If recent reports are to be believed, it seems that consumers are finally about to get their hands on Samsung Galaxy Fold. A Bloomberg report published recently reveals that the device is now ready for a relaunch, and that could happen as early as August alongside the launch of Galaxy Note 10. According to this report, major improvements have been made to the display and hinge in order to prepare Galaxy Fold for this second launch. We sincerely hope that this time the company is able to deliver a flawless device.

How exactly will Samsung be fixing Galaxy Fold Issues?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Issue

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our updates surrounding Samsung Galaxy Fold, you may already know that the biggest issue with it was that of the special film chopped onto the display. People thought of it as a regular screen protector and peeled it off, leaving their Galaxy Fold units useless. To fix that problem, Samsung has reportedly tucked the film under outer bezels. Another issue was that of the hinge being sensitive to foreign objects, and that problem has also been fixed by adding an extra layer of protection to the hinge. The company will soon start sending these new designs and elements to Vietnam where the device is being manufactured.

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Since it’s a Bloomberg report based on information collected from some company employees directly working on the issues, we can consider it as a reliable piece of information. However, we don’t think that Samsung will launch it alongside Galaxy Note on the 7th August. This is because Galaxy Fold is the company’s most ambitious project ever, and there’s a good chance that they may dedicate a separate event to “re-launch” it.

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