LG Velvet is the company’s newest lineup (First-look)

LG hasn’t been as active as it used to be in the smartphone business from the last few months. Even though they released LG V60 a few weeks ago, it hasn’t been able to attract some serious attention from the community. But, this is about to change. LG Velvet is the company’s latest flagship-level smartphone and the first-look has definitely rolled our eyes. The lineup was first announced last week and today we are seeing some more details emerging out of it.

This week, LG has released a teaser video giving us a glimpse of the device that they are planning to release.

LG Velvet – Teaser Video

From the video, it is pretty clear that the phone will have a notch very similar to the Essential PH-1 phone. The back of the phone seems to be glossy with colors changing depending on the light and the angle. The front and the back both have folding edges that meet the metal frame.

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As far as color options are concerned, we will see white, red, green and black variants.

LG Velvet - Colors

The LG Velvet will supposedly run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor. Just to provide a little more context, the top chip from Qualcomm for this year is Snapdragon 865. This doesn’t mean that Snapdragon 765 is any incompetent. It does support 5G and could possibly keep the prices of the smartphone on the lower end. In fact, this year’s Pixel 5 is expected to launch with this processor.

I’m super excited to see how the community reacts to this design change. It has been a while since LG revamped its design. Will this strike the perfect balance between design and specs?

Source | YouTube Video

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