Samsung Galaxy Buds is getting a software update

Samsung today has announced a new software update for the Galaxy Buds which is bringing in a host of new features from its Galaxy Buds+ lineup. The update is already being pushed globally and should be available as of writing this article.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Update

Easy Pairing with Microsoft Windows

Samsung Galaxy Buds can now easily pair with Microsoft Windows 10 using the Microsoft Swift Pair feature. This will help users in several work-related tasks such as remote video calling and listening to music to stay productive. This feature has always been a part of the Galaxy Buds+ but making it available for the Galaxy Bud users would certainly be useful in these difficult times.

Ambient Sound

The update also brings ambient sound mode to the Galaxy Buds which essentially lets you hear the surrounding sound. The aim of this feature is to keep users aware of what’s happening around them. This mode will also be available even when using one earbud.

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Instant Listening using Spotify

Samsung Galaxy Buds - Spotify

The update also makes the Spotify experience a lot better. With just a “tap and hold” gesture, you can launch the Spotify app and start listening to your playlist. If you do that gesture again, then Spotify will start recommending new songs/playlists. You all know how wonderful Spotify’s discover mode is! This is just gonna take it to the next level.

Source – Samsung News

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