I’m glad to see you here on this page. Very few people make it over here and you’re one of them. Let me take a moment and talk about who’s behind this blog, what is our mission and what we plan to achieve by the end of 2018.

Who’s behind this blog –

AndroidBlogg.com is the brainchild of Pavan Bawdane and Naman Komre. We both have worked on several blogs in the past and we’ve been successful with a number of them. However, as time passed, those blogs diminished into the thin air. Both of us got busy in their own lives.

As 2018 approached, we decided that we wanted to get back into blogging. We wanted to start off by focusing on a topic that we both know best. Obviously, Android was our first choice. Both of us have good knowledge about flashing Android ROMs, kernels, and rooting. In addition to this, both of us are learning Android development. This is, of course, a really exciting time for us and we wanted to start sharing that aspect with everyone else.

What is our mission –

If you’re on Android, I’m sure you would have heard a lot about customizing your Android interface the way you want, rooting and installing several custom ROMs. Even if you haven’t heard about some of these terms, that’s all right. Making you more knowledgeable about these terms and processes is part of our mission. Let’s get you on-board with our full set of objectives –

  • Make our audience more knowledgeable about android rooting, installing different kernels and how they affect performance
  • Let our audience know about what’s happening in and around Android
  • To help make the right decisions when it comes to buying a new android phone and accessories

Notable events –

Feb 25, 2018 – Domain name registered

Mar 4, 2018 – First article published

December 16, 2018 – Started AndroidBlogg YouTube Channel